Windows 10
If you’re using, or planning to use Windows 10, then next month you’ll be able to try out Microsofts virtual assistant Cortana on your Android device.

According to the latest Microsoft Windows blog, the Beta of the Cortana app for Android will be launching in July as a companion for Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft is aiming to integrate Cortana into your complete workflow, with many Android owners also intensely interested in gaming and with Microsoft owning the Xbox platform, Cortana is going to integrate that as well. As Microsoft says:

On your Android phone you can ask Cortana to remind you to walk the dog at 8pm in the evening, and then when you’re watching a movie your Xbox will interrupt playback to let you know it’s time to take the dog out.


Microsoft is doing a darn fine job of ingratiating themselves at the moment, delivering fine products – Hyperlapse, Office etc. – to Android (and iOS) devices for our enjoyment. They’ve taken pains to make sure everyone is included, and it’s to their advantage as you’re going to be inclined to use their other products – even if their phone platform does nothing for you. We await further developments on Cortana with interest.

Source: Windows Blog.
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If the current build of Windows 10 is any indication, I doubt it will work in Australia anyway…and interruptions on XBox One could either be good, or very, very bad. Hopefully something you can easily control.