The Android Google+ page hinted at a surprise for Monday(US time obviously) and they have not disappointed. For the last 2two launches of Nexus phones we`ve been treated to progressively more awesome official unboxing videos of the Nexus phones and Google has definitely upped the ante on this one. You`ll have to head over to the Youtube page to check it out in all its glory but it is really worth it, but be warned it will suck some time out of your day

This sort of fun marketing is something that I feel that Google really excels at, want another fun thing to try?Jump on over to Google and type in “let it snow” or “do a barrel roll” and i’m sure you guys can come up with some more in the comments, but check out the unboxing video first. You can also check out the previous Ninja Unboxing videos for the Nexus S and the Neuxs One while you`re in a Ninja mood.

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    they HAVEN’T disappointed? are you sure? seems pretty disappointing to me. 

    Daniel Tyson

    I thought it was pretty awesome, seems like a lot of people around the net found it to be pretty awesome as well.


    read the comments: (link may not work)


    Yeah, it was pretty fantastic. Great marketing.


    grinch, its light fun, smile sunshine