When we first got confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was going to Optus we were also greeted with the news — via Optus’ Twitter account — that it would be the LTE version. When I checked that news against Optus’ website at the time it didn’t match up — there was not a single mention of LTE. Optus then reached out to us to confirm my thoughts: there will be no LTE Galaxy Nexus, however it is HSPA+. Here’s their official statement on the matter.

We just wanted to confirm the GALAXY Nexus is HSPA+ compatible on our Optus Open Network. Samsung has yet to make any announcements regarding the availability in Australia of an LTE-compatible version of the GALAXY Nexus. For any details on our LTE network roll-out visit – Optus Media Release

Said LTE network will be go live to specific areas starting April 2012 and most importantly my home town of Melbourne — as well as Sydney and Perth — in the middle of next year. It’s a fair while to wait, but the speeds will no doubt be worth it. Considering how long the wait is, the demand for a LTE Galaxy Nexus isn’t going to be all that great.

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just have to import I guess


Not looking likely that Telstra will offer it as well as they are having problems. Their first LTE phone will be a HTC being released in late Jan


So where does one get a LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus? If im to have this phone for 2 years, ill want to be able to use LTE when its available. For the meantime, the LTE galaxy nexus will just be fitted with my 3G sim.. But finding a LTE version to buy outright isnt as easy as it seems..


The only LTE Galaxy Nexus thats been released (in the US) is a CDMA phone, not GSM. So forget about getting your hands on a GSM LTE GN anytime soon

Damon Lewis

I care less about the speeds and more about being able to actually get decent data reception. I rarely get 3G (in Melbourne!)

Vijay Alapati

if u r a Optus customer then ur lucky as u rarely get 3g but i’m vodafone customer who forgot what 3g means 🙁

Alex Gerontzos

I’m still with 3… I’m alot worse off any carrier would be an improvement.