Remember when Apple tried to hush that Tablet? That Tablet being the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now shipping from Vodafone’s warehouse to stores and customers who pre-ordered it online. To people who haven’t ordered one, you can either get it on all of Vodafone’s Tablet Plans with $24/mo repayments on each of them.

If you’re still waiting out for an Android tablet, we recommend waiting out for the Transformer Prime from ASUS that will launch next month. Consider it a belated Christmas gift to yourself.

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Source: Vodafone.
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Sadly I’ve yet to see any in retailers (JB, HN etc.) around Perth…I know, I know, the bulk’s probably getting around in the eastern states first. Speaking of retailers, don’t you just love how places like JB always seemingly chuck all Android tablet demos into one messy, non-working misc pile hidden BEHIND the giant, well-lit and WORKING demos of the Ipad 2…? Doubt the Galaxy Tab will be treated any differently..sad times indeed…

Francis Arjonillo

you guys have to see this: (taken from sammobile)


This day has arrived!!! yeah you could wait till next month for Prime or next six month for Prime2. for what it is, surfing the net, reading ect… gtab is way to go. if i had the patient, i’d wait fot gtab7.7. heading down to voda this friday for sure


The 8.9 is the better choice, its more compact but has the same features. But yes, this is too late, even though it’s not Samsung’s fault, they’ve missed the boat here. Considering the prime isn’t much more in cost, the difference being you get 3 more cores which will future proof the device, giving you more life than what this will provide.


I know on here we like our new gadgets and gush about the improvement in the performance they will bring but the Samsung is still one of the best Android tablets out there. If people what a decent tablet which will still look good in a year time then this one is the tablet to get.

So my advice is think about what you want the tablet to do and get one according to your needs rather than splashing out on the latest and best.