As usual this is the Ausdroid Podcast, proudly brought to you by the dust made of crushed fairy bones. Yes that’s right, crushed fairy bones. Anyways, back to business, this episode was all about the Android Dev Platform, we had Shift Jelly’s Russell join us for a chat and it was grand. We found out a few nice little points, especially regarding privacy rate between iOS and Android. We also brought you a snippet of the last fortnights news, so as usual sit back with your version of True Blood and relax. We are bringing the rain!

Hit the break for the goods.

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Geoff Fieldew, Irwin Proud, and Shifty Jelly special guest Russell with guest appearance by Buzz Moody.


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    Hmmm…. not showing up in Beyond Pod again.
    …. and when I hit the MP3 download option it only wants to stream?
    On the very ancient, unrooted, Telstra HTC desire.