Earlier this month it was leaked that Sony Ericsson was working on a deal with Box to offer Xperia handset owners 50Gb of online storage, however there was no date given. The Sony Ericsson blog has announced that the deal is now in effect. Any Xperia smartphone from the X10 and onwards from now and until December 31st 2012 will be able to take advantage of the offer.

To take advantage of all you have to do is download the Box app from the Android Market and then sign up for an account with Box and you will receive the 50Gb. Not a bad Christmas present from Sony Ericsson, as i`m sure you all know cloud storage can be pretty useful.

Source: Sony Ericsson Blog.
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I’d prefer an extra 1GB of local storage on the Xperia devices than 50Gb of internet storage…
Some of their phones have like ~400mb storage.

Daniel Tyson

Amen, internal storage is something that I personally have been ranting about since the HTC Dream, I would like to see a similar setup to the SGS II and other phones with at least 16Gb of Internal memory but also a microSD card slot to expand memory if/when required, unfortunately with Google appearing to move away from microSD expansion slots on their Nexus Phones I appear to be out of luck here

Ian Tester

50 gigabits (Gb) = 6.25 gigabytes (GB). Or do you mean 50 GB? Get your b’s right.


Relax mate. It’s Christmas


Feeling a little testy eh. Ian? 😉