It’s no surprise to anyone that the Samsung Galaxy range of devices including the SGS2 and the Galaxy Tab’s will receive Ice Cream Sandwich. What has surprised a lot of guru’s in the know is the time it’s taken for

  1. The time it’s taken for them to officially confirm the update is coming
  2. The time frame that Samsung users need to now wait for the update to become available

Particularly on the back of their continual stream of sales records across the 2011 year, they’ve got a lot of customers who are waiting to play with Ice Cream Sandwich.

The best time estimate we have at this point in time from Samsung officially is “early in the first quarter of 2012” for the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, GALAXY Tab 10.1, GALAXY Tab 8.9 and GALAXY Tab 7.7 within Australia, each of which will receive a different release date (TBA) for the update. Quite an extensive list given they have other phones that are already sporting the latest in Android accessories, OS 4.0

There’s no doubt more to come which the team here at Ausdroid will bring to you in a timely manner as always.

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Tin Tran

these devices will probably come to carrier handsets at the end of next year if samsung claim that it’ll come in the first quarter. this is the only think i don’t like about android. i wish the updates were more consistent across all manufacturers and carriers.

Stephen Reeves

But, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still their own flagship device. The GN had ICS, but not Touchwiz. I assume that they would already have a version of ICS with a new Touchwiz, it’s just a matter of QA for the 2011 phones and tablets. Now, if only Telstra would get on board, I’d be a happy customer!


You assumed correctly….. The leak rom videos show it has touchwiz!


I think the SGSII will have ICS with the regular TouchWiz 4.

I’m thinking the SGSIII will have a new version of TouchWiz. Reason being that people who bought the SGSII and use TW4 would be alienated if TW4 was removed or altered drastically with the ICS update.

Plus a new (hopefully MUCH improved) TouchWiz would be a selling point for the Galaxy S III next year.

Damon Lewis

Stock ICS is a lot closer to what TouchWiz is like than Gingerbread so it wouldn’t be much of a change. I’m waiting for Cyanogen Mod 9 to get ICS on my SGS2, Touchwiz just kills the aesthetics of ICS (from what has been leaked so far).


I suspect they’d be more focused at the moment on pushing out the Galaxy Nexus and maintaining the limelight on its glorious debut…So that gives them 3 months, more or less, to milk the market before affording the same benefits to us with the rest of the Galaxy flagships – oh, that’s NOT at all saying that the GNexus isn’t worth the spotlight or the milking…Truly well done, Sammy!


Do you know if SGS is included in the device update list??


Highly doubt it, given the SGS is only Single Core Processor, it may not run ICS efficiently

Jake Oliver

Ahem. Nexus S. Ahem.

Exact same hardware.

Teamhacksung’s ICS port is awesome, and works fine.


lol, exactly
it’s pretty poor from samsung if they don’t port it to the SGS


Not it’s not.  If you’re feeling adventurous there’s a couple of ports around.  I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it works fairly well.