It looks like we might be seeing the previously leaked HTC Edge launched around this time next month, the 26th of February according to GSM Arena who are reporting they’ve received an invite to HTC’s pre-MWC launch event. HTC normally announce their devices a day or two before MWC to build up hype for the actual event where people can check it out on the show floor.

With the recent render leaks of the HTC Edge and HTC Ville, it’s more than likely that both of these phone are going to be announced. The one to be most excited about is the HTC Edge which is said to house a quad-core CPU — the first of its kind in a smartphone. The CPU will of course be NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 CPU clocked at 1.5GHz which seems far too insane considering quad-core tablets at CES were clocked at 1.3GHz, so we’re thinking it’ll be closer to 1GHz with quite a large battery. The screen is expected to be 4.7-inches or thereabouts and will continue the trend of 720p resolution. We can also expect 1GB RAM, an 8MP camera, 32GB of internal storage and perhaps even a massive HTC logo on it.

Get out of the way CES, Mobile World Congress is where all the action is coming from now.

Source: GSM Arena.
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Android has fully matured with ICS. Enough with the skins. Manufacturers should learn to listen to its consumers and focus on customizing / optimizing the OS for their hardware. Sense UI hmmmph!!

Tin Tran

thats stupid, how are they going to differentiate themselves from the competition if they go vanilla? if you want vanilla just flash the rom.


Well on my opinion, every manufacture should give the consumer the option if they want to keep the default setting (carrier version of rom) or enable us to download the true vanilla version of android if that is what we want but by doing would void warranty if something goes wrong if we can’t flash back to carrier rom. Just my 0.02c


How are they going to differentiate? By putting out hardware models with varying specs. Just like how the PC/Laptop industry works – Many hardware manufacturers, but all running the same (Windows) operating system & without any SKINS!

Pretty quick to jump the gun huh?! Now who’s stupid?

Milty C

Why bother, when you can just  wait for a month for the HTC Edge S, lol.

HTC need to take a page out the Motorolla book and reduce the amount of phones they intend to  release. They need to focus on quality instead of quantity. 

Too many phones leads to outdated software and apps not working properly on every phone. HTC are shooting themselves in the foot.


Too bad HTC generally makes terrible phones. Its such a pain to fix clients phones, having to get past thier awful interface on top of Android.

i like chicken

Hopefully we get Sense 59.0 as well, which bogs down the OS so much it causes time to run backwards.

i like chicken

Awesome. Another HTC phone that looks exactly the same as every other phone they’ve released for the past year. It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.
Game. Set. Match… Samsung.

Jason Hill

I hope they come up with something good,
I need to replace my DHD with something that does 850mhz nothing recent from HTC really jumps out at me


We can also expect 1GB, an 8MP camera, 32GB of internal storage”

You mean 1GB of RAM? You might want to specify.


This might interest you guys:

Seems it’s not 1.5GHz but 1.3

No micro SD slot

No replaceable battery

HTC always seem to find a way to **** up a potentially awesome phone…and I was so looking forward to this 🙁


Its not just HTC…. all makers seem to f$(% them up in some strange way or another. For some reason the latest trend is removing the micro sd slot and now it appears the battery!

Grrrrr!!!! If I wanted an iPhone I would have brought an iPhone!

Milty C

Totally agree. 

I recently bought a galaxy nexus and do really love it, but i do have some regrets.

– So SD card
– Only 16 gig
– Camera Not the best.
– Only average battery life
– No high capacity battery that will allow a protective case to still fit on phone.

Unfortunately there is always a catch even for the best of phones. 


The extended battery case issue, is that using the genuine samsung 2000mah one?


My official 2000mah battery just turned up today via shimshop in Korea :-), and while it fattens the phone a smidgen my case still fits fine. The only cases that might have an issue are the really rigid ones (eg. barely there), and even they might be fine. Any silicon/gel or soft case will be absolutely fine. I love this phone too – the above points from Milty are all valid, but the memory isn’t an issue for me, and now I’ve got the bigger battery I’m sweet on that front aswell. I was already comfortably getting over a day… Read more »


GASP! It might even have a 
Micro SIM card!!?

GOD THIS IS THE iPHONE!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine Ring

I’m really looking forward to the massive logo!