The Wikimedia Foundation has launched an official Wikipedia application for Android which will cost nothing as always. The app displays normal Wikipedia pages that are formatted nicely for mobile viewing — much like their mobile website — and also makes it super easy to search with the search box staying at the top of the page at all times.

Pages can be saved for viewing at a later date — a cool feature if you wish to keep up to date with a certain topic such as Android. The application also makes it easy to swap between different languages. This app is certainly one I’ll be keeping on my phone. You can check it out at the source link below, or hit it up on the Android Market on your phone.

Source: Android Market - Wikipedia.
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    Like a lot of these websites that come out with apps I personally don’t see the point installing them when they also have a mobile site also. Each to their own 🙂

    Buzz Moody

    I think it’s just the quick access to the site and the fact you can search quicker that makes it appealing.

    Amos S

    Doesn’t the review say they have off-line storage? I use Read-It-Later a lot and think that having such an option for wikipedia would be useful too – to read long articles without proper coverage or get back to them to continue reading later without having to  re-download.