It’s not just SBS getting in on the Android mobile app action, ABC will soon be releasing their own app for our favourite platform. The above teaser pic came from an article on CeBIT Australia’s website where Neerav Bhatt was interviewing Manuela Davidson, ABC Innovation’s Mobile Executive Producer. I highly recommend having a read of the interview as it delves into the statistics behind mobile internet use in Australia.

As for a release date on the app, there’s nothing mentioned, although we can’t wait to try it out especially if it has the amazing iView library of video content.

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    Looooong overdue. ┬áThe current one hasn’t been updated in a few years and has pretty bad feedback as it should – it’s just a lifeless shell.


    Bloody well hope that the ABC app arrives soon. The current one they have on the market is horrible!

    Andrew Palozzo

    Looks like they’ve taken to the holo styling conventions… to a degree.