No, literally, that’s all I wanted to show you. Our resident Jedi, Geoff Fieldew, went into an Optus store and snapped these two pics comparing the size, displays and overall swellfulness (coined it) of the newly released HTC One X in white and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. You’ve got to admit, the One X certainly looks quite nice, especially in white. I also prefer the use of space on the One X compared to how bland (or minimalistic) the Galaxy Nexus looks. But that’s just one man’s opinion. What do you think? And will you be getting a One X? And will it be white or black?

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got One X from Vodafone last week, started having screen flickering issue, got phone swap but still same issue in camera, browser and top notification bar, anyone with the same problem?


Htc = to bugs, random reboots, frezzes! + no memory slot + no removable battery! Not a deal!

Gavin Sawyer

Most HTC have expandable memory. And removable battery.

Peter Kelley

I have 2 HTC One Xs on order for my wife and myself. I looked at the quad core CPU and 32GB of RAM (vs dual core and 16GB) and chose the HTC over the Nexus. My wife (who is getting the other one) thinks that white is no good (all that was available from Vodafone) and that the phone is too big.

Louis B

send me your wife’s ! 😛 I’ll be happy to help her deal w it !


I just with they would give the option to run stock


No card slot + No replaceable battery = No Sale

How can HTC make such elementary mistakes when a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note showed them the way?


 Man get over it.
Obviously if those things are important to you then this phone is not for you.
I, and many other don’t need to carry additional batteries, don’t need crazy amount of space.
so for myself and many others this phone is suited. Sale!
Galaxy Note is nice but too damn big for an everyday phone and Touchwiz isn’t for everyone.


I don’t NEED to carry additional batteries but like the option. Same goes for a card slot. Initial reviews already reporting disappointing battery life. In a phone that tempts you to use it as a camera, media player, phone, video recorder and satnav and has a high reliance on “cloud” storage due to no card slot, battery life is very important. However fast or hitech a phone is, it is a useless brick when the power runs out. Not everyone can get to a recharge point after 8 hours or so of reasonably heavy useage.Incidentally, Touchwiz can easily be disabled… Read more »


 Alright alright.. I feel you bay beh! Good points.
I guess it’s what people are happy with.
Your initial comment was critical of my sweetie htc though i took offense lol.

Louis B

Initial reviews from USERS have been very positive. Some got bad battery life but the majority got well through the day. 


Roboto almost makes Sense look relevant! Looks typical HTC, which is a good thing. Does it have the rubber-type backing like the original Desire or does it just look like it does? Still love my Galaxy Nexus so I won’t be switching!

Patrick Humphreys

I went to the HTC launch for it in Sydney, and it looked amazing! I am using a nexus now, and I think this will be my next phone.

Tom Beers

 you’re gay


i was told the speaker on the one x is shit

Ben Bye

If I could get the HTC One XL (the LTE version) with 32G of storage I would snap it up in a heartbeat! The fact that it has no SD card slot means you need at least 32G onboard.

Rob Goldie

Sadly the XL version is only dual core :'(


 Just because it’s Dual core, doesn’t mean that it’s inferior to the quad core Tegra 3. The dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon used by the XL can hold it’s ground against the quad core Tegra 3. Go Google around for some benchmark results.

Buzz Moody

It’s likely the XL will be faster than the X.

Frank Benign

 AFAIK, Android utilises only one core most of the time.  Maybe it’s different with ICS.


seems nice and it has promising specs but won’t be getting it for the same reason I was not interested in the galaxy nexus, I can’t put a micro-sd card into it~~


Can’t wait to see how it benchmarks against the One XL.

Wasim Soukieh

Yes the htc Onr X looks very nice. Although I think the one S is the best value, based on previous info. I never was into white phones, but this one looks surprisingly good. Can’t wait for a review.

Definitely food for thought


Yeah, that phone is huge, wasn’t expecting it.

Alex Baldwin

I played with one at an Optus store today. I’m coming from a GSII, but it didn’t actually feel much bigger in the hand. It curves really nicely around the back and sides, and the glass sloping off the edges makes it feel thinner than it is. If you’re fine with current 4.3-inch phones, this doesn’t seem all that different one you begin using it. Plus, the sloped glass edges actually made reaching my thumb across the screen easier than the GSII or Galaxy Nexus’ hard edges. I’m up for my next phone on contract mid-May, and hoping the GSIII… Read more »


Is there a release date on the grey version of the HTC One?


Someone please answer this – I can’t find it out anywhere! I’m DYING to get this phone and trying to hold off as I’m not keen on the white version, and know I’ll regret being impatient when/if it the grey version is released. Bah!


Just paid of my previous plan, and have to decide on these two.  What do I do????


Having played with both devices I say definitely the One X, couldn’t slow that beast down. Also the Nexus has a crappy camera and the build quality feels cheap compared to the One X. 

Alex Baldwin

Agreed. Played with both, and while the software on both is great the One X felt extremely fluid.

Plus, the build quality of the One X is fantastic, a lot like the Nokia Lumia 800. Being a single unibody piece of polycarbonate makes it feel extremely sturdy without any movement, flex, seams or loose bits. It was also surprisingly light, and felt like it would handle a drop much better than my GSII.

Frank Benign



omg, it’s bigger?
guess it’s still smaller than the note


I bought my HTC One X outright last Friday from allphones; in white, and it is so nice, in every way. The build quality is fantastic and sense 4.0 keeps delightfully surprising me over and over. 🙂

The only down side to buying so early, is there are no screen protectors anywhere yet. :
Careful not to scratch it! =O


Guy there are on ebay.
I got two from a guy who is in Queensland.. and that was 2 weeks ago.
Now there are shitloads of them.


Cheer for the tip. I’ve just ordered some screen protectors. 🙂


Looks pretty big……


If telstra get it I might just get one of these

Roger Osborne

Not coming to Telstra – Telstra are getting the HTC one XL variant


I’d love to know when though. Even if Telstra released a date as to when they will release the release date, I’d be happy. I hate the waiting. And now rumour has it that the American version of the XL isn’t coming out until 6 May. So long to wait

Dara Ing

i hope thats not true!! really would be sad that all the other carriers are getting these flagship android phones and telstra has had nothing siince the galaxy nexus last year.. considering telstra melbourne is the home of androidland that would not make sense!!