Samsung’s attempt to crack into the smartwatch market may not be as successful as they would have liked. According to a leaked document regarding the roll out of Android 4.3 for the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Gear has been suffering from a return rate of over 30% at Best Buy locations around the US. That’s almost 1 in 3 devices being returned by customers.

It’s unknown exactly why the Galaxy Gears are being returned after purchase, but lacklustre reviews coupled with a $300 price tag may have seen Samsung’s expectations set far too high.

With this information being confirmed by Samsung, it could be likely in the future that we see the Galaxy Gear dramatically reduced in price to beef up its appeal to consumers.

Source: Geek.
Via: Android Community.
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More people are stupid and don’t realise it only works with one model Samsung. I’d bet the majority of returns are people not paying attention


Americans aren’t the brightest of people. I would have a guess that many didnt realise the compatibility restrictions or just didnt get the whole “look at me, look at me” response from rhe crowds they had hoped.

Other than the cost it is a pretty solid v1 attempt by Samsung. Does anyone remember the iphone versions 1-3 … it took them 3.5 goes.

vijay alapati

I still think Samsung made a brave attempt, but was done it in hurry, half baked, expensive and exclusive to Samsung flagships, which is stupid. Must make some thing to correct it before it’s too late.


Surprise surprise. Maybe people are starting to see the light.


It’d be nice to be able to think that, whispy.
Unfortunately, from what I have read over the decades, connedsumers don’t want to see the light, until the freight train in the tunnel is about to run over them.