As shown in this leak below from serial leaker @evleaks, the tradition started with the Nexus S and continued through the next two Nexus phones, the white Nexus 5 will again be a Panda Nexus with a black front and white rear, eschewing the all white render which appeared on a Chinese site a week ago.

This leak matches up with the leaked packaging for a white Nexus which popped up last week, which also showed off the White Nexus with a black front.

Unlike the leaked render from yesterday,which showed a very un-Google like time of 7:00, the time on this render includes the 4:40 time indicating Android 4.4 will be announced with the new Nexus phone.

Also included in the tweet is the ’11/1′ which seems to indicate a November 1st launch date. With only 4 days to go till November 1st – 5 if you count a time difference – the invitations for any event set for that time will indeed need to go out pretty quickly to media in order to organise coverage, that is if Google holds an event or just mirrors last years launch which saw the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, as well as Android 4.2 launched via a blog post.

Does Google even need an event to launch their new Nexus devices and new version of Android? Will you buy a black or white Nexus 5?

Source: EVLeaks.
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i think we should all stop talking about the N5 because as long as we do the good folks at google are probably thinking we can toy with them a bit longer……demand ain’t going to be a problem

Alexei Watson

bad render? Someone on WP pointed this out, the camera doesn’t line up.

Darren Ferguson

Don’t like the panda look at all. Won’t be getting white.


Im sure there are laws against this sort of teasing n bullying of leaking renders of a new phone but no release date


Hang on, I think i remember noe render with the Fron of the white nexus also white? when did it go back to black? hmmm.


That was a fake that someone photoshopped

Happy Dog

Evleaks seems to be just making renders now… Same background as Telus yesterday and 7:00… Today same background and it’s got the proper layout. Everyone seems to be making leaks.


“Does Google even need an event to launch their new Nexus devices and new version of Android?”

IMO yes they do. They seem pretty excited about collaborating with KitKat with this version of Android. KitKat have had their competition and teasers on their Google+ page. Would seem bizarre if they completely skipped a reveal event for both the new software and hardware and just released it for sale. Nexus 7 got one this year, and 4.3 seemed like a tiny update. I think 4.4 and the Nexus 5 should get its reveal event.


Never thought I’d get a white phone (although I did have a white magic) but I don’t mind the look of this… And it would stand out…. But then I don’t like cases etc so it would get bloody dirty…. Someone convince me! Or talk me out of it!