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Popular Aussie Developer Chris Lacy, who has brought us apps such as Tweet Lanes, Action Launcher Pro and more recently Link Bubble has hinted on his Google Plus Page that we should ensure we have 99c “laying about” tomorrow. On both his G+ and Twitter pages, details have been given of “it’s small, but powerful”.

Exactly what the app is for, Chris isn’t saying. Some of the comments on the Google+ post announcing the incoming app, speculate it”s something to do with sharing, possibly to multiple social networks. All we know is that Chris seems particularly excited about this one.

With Link Bubble one of our favourite apps from this year, we cannot wait to see what’s coming. Time to ensure you have some credit free for tomorrow morning, it launches tomorrow, so we should have some more information for you then.

Lets hear your theory on what Chris may have in store for us tomorrow

Source: Chris Lacy G+.
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    Matthew Wolstenholme

    well shit πŸ™
    Chris is the best, i own link bubble pro and action launcher pro and love them

    Andrew Palozzo

    I’m excited. Link Bubbles changed the way I use my phone so much!
    TweetLanes was cool, but it just doesn’t get updates as often as other twitter apps…


    link bubble is the best thing to happen to android this year (although my memory is pretty bad) but i use it all the time. Great idea, well implemented. can’t wait for this new one

    Matthew Wolstenholme

    only bad thing is the performance issues when it plays videos, that can be solved through per app clock speed settings πŸ™‚