Popular online file storage service Dropbox has just announced their latest update to their Android app, and it’s not too shabby, bringing new document preview features for popular file formats and a smarter search to help you find what you need.

The document preview works with any Word document, PowerPoint presentation, or PDF you have stored in your Dropbox. The preview function lets you view, scroll, and zoom on any of these file types without leaving the Dropbox app.


Also included in the update are new search options. From today you can search individual folders, or if you need to, your entire Dropbox. You can see recent searches, which comes in handy for when you repeatedly search for the same document, and you get ‘typeahead’ which puts auto-complete style suggestions in your search as you type. As you search, you’ll also get highlighted results from your files.


The update is rolling out now if you have Dropbox installed, if not head over to Google Play and download it and try it out.

Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage
Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage

Source: Dropbox.