Moto Maker - Moto 360
Motorola is looking to expand their customisation service, Moto Maker, to include their successful Android Wear watch, the Moto 360.

According to Wired, the service will launch next month, at least in the US, offering customers the chance to customise their watch before having it shipped to them. The service will offer three different colours of watch body: silver, black, and champagne gold, as well as options for either leather or metal watch bands, which come in either 18mm and 23mm for the metal, or 22mm for the leather bands.

Also carrying on from their phone customisations, the software, or in this case the watch face will be customisable. Although there’s not a lot to offer in terms of customisation on Android Wear, Motorola will offer to pre-load a watch face from a selection of 11 choices.

Of course as it stands, Moto Maker is a purely US-only service. The customised Moto 360 watches will actually ship from our neck of the woods, with Wired reporting that the Moto Maker facility is in Shenzhen, China. We’d love to see Moto Maker for both phones and watches here in Australia and if we get a chance to speak to Motorola in Barcelona, you can bet we’ll be asking them about the possibility.

Source: Wired.
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Have to say, I think the cheap Chinese stainless steel band I picked up looks better than the Moto originals.


Call me when the customization allows getting rid of that chin.


I’d forgotten all about it until you mentioned it.