We’re a bit late to this one, but we only just received the update here yesterday, so please forgive us. Google Calendar has received an update this week, and it’s a bit of a significant one, so much so that Google actually took to publishing a changelog for it:

  • See more events at a glance with 7-day week view and pinch-to-zoom [phones]
  • Add Google Drive files to events. Drive will even check if everyone can open them.
  • Control whether birthdays from Google+ are shown in settings. You’ll also see the same changes on the web next week.
  • A new option to show week numbers in settings.
  • Import .ics files sent to you in Gmail and other apps

We’ve grabbed some screenshots so you can see what these changes look like as well:

Having a 7-day view in Google’s calendar will certainly please a lot of people (myself included) who want to be able to see a little further ahead, and see a bit more detail in the one screen. That said, the 7-day view can make things a little busy — it’d probably suit larger phones more than smaller. Being able to turn off Google+ birthdays is great though; I honestly don’t care when most of my contacts birthdays are, and I doubt you do either.

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Google Calendar
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Still won’t use it until they bring back month view with the ability to see details of each appointment etc.


I was very disappointed when the update went to that rolling 5 day option (try scheduling a meeting for the same day/time but 4 weeks away with that rolling 5 day view. challenging and annoying) A calendar week is much better for planning and for booking future appointments. At the moment I have it set to month view just because the rolling 5 days was so difficult for scheduling appointments.


I just can’t believe it’s still missing the ‘duplicate’ action. I have to use the full website to do this. Not even the mobile website has it. Do people keep recreating events from scratch when they are irregular in nature?


Not impressed with Google Calendar way prefer aCalender.


Still waiting for a proper month view from the old version. :'(


Long time over due. The new features, not the review. 🙂