Despite what teachers told us in school, risk taking can be pretty fun. I mean, sneaking a bottle of vodka into a cinema, jaywalking, and eating cheese that’s a day past its expiry date are all great ways to feel alive. But there’s some risk you don’t want to take, like getting locked into the wrong NBN plan.

While every NBN ISP is reselling access to the same network, not all providers are equal. If you want to avoid getting stuck with a lemon, it’s worth considering a no-contract NBN plan with no setup fees. That way, if you’re not happy with your NBN performance, you’re able to leave at any time and all you’ve really lost is a month of service fees.

Most ISPs will offer to sell you a modem, but some will force you to buy theirs. For the sake of these lists, we’ve only included providers were a modem purchase is optional.

Unlimited NBN 50 plans with no contract and no setup fees

Unlimited NBN 100 plans with no contract and no setup fees

Unlimited NBN 12 plans with no contract and no setup fees

Across the board, there’s only a few providers that actually offer NBN plans with no contract and no setup fees, and to be honest, the plans are all pretty similar. Out of these, there’s a few worth calling out:

  • Mate and Barefoot will both knock $10 off your total monthly bill for the first six months you’re with them.
  • amaysim will give you a free year of its NBN 50 plan if you switch to it as your energy provider.
  • Flip normally charges setup fees for no-contract plans, but is waving them until the end of May.
  • Aussie Broadband offers unlimited plans, but also lets you get very granular with data allowances. It’s also the only provider to publish CVC graphs for each NBN Point of Interconnect, so you can get an idea about what your speed experience will be like ahead of time.

NBN Service Guarantees

Telstra and Vodafone aren’t part of the no-contract no-setup fee club, but they both offer an NBN service guarantee. No matter how long a contract you sign, you’re able to leave within in the first 30 days if you’re not happy with your connection. In both cases, you’ll get a refund for your setup costs and first bill.

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    It’s not about why I don’t want to give a try it’s more about I don’t have NBN. They delay for our place for one year. #NBNFail


    Kogan is running a special on their NBN50 package. While you have two buy their modem they’ve reduced their price by $10 for the first two years.