Late last year Vodafone launched Vodafone NBN with instant connect and a 4G backup solution. Even with the large amount of information out there many customers are still frustrated over many aspects of the NBN installation process. Vodafone are hoping to alleviate some of this frustration through three new features announced today.

Vodafone Mobile Landline

Although many of us are forgoing the traditional landline in the home some people still want that landline, often to keep in touch with old friends and relatives who have said number. Vodafone are reacting to this customer requirement with their Vodafone Mobile Landline. This allows customers to keep their traditional landline phone number but does not require a landline device.

Any calls made to the landline number are redirected to a Vodafone postpaid mobile number. This means that no matter where you are, if someone rings your landline number you will be able to answer it with your Vodafone mobile phone. Voicemail left is also recorded to your mobile voicemail. At this stage the service is for Vodafone NBN customers only but will be rolled out to postpaid and prepaid customers in the future.

The Vodafone Mobile Landline service does come at a cost of $5 per month plus the cost of making a call from your mobile but there is no lock-in period — it is still less than what most NBN providers charge to keep a home landline.

Simpler plans

All Vodafone NBN plans are now simple month-to-month plans with no upfront cost for the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub Modem (if you stay connected for three years). For those who leave before the 36 months is up you will be charged for the remaining months at $5 per month.

The new month-to-month Vodafone NBN plans are

  • Essential nbn™ plan (nbn™ 25 tier): $64/mth for existing Vodafone postpaid customers, $69/mth standalone. Min. cost $249
  • Essential+ nbn™ plan (nbn™ 50 tier): $69/mth for existing Vodafone postpaid customers, $79/mth standalone. Min. cost $259.
  • Premium nbn™ plan (nbn™ 100 tier): $89/mth for existing Vodafone postpaid customers, $99/mth standalone. Min. cost $279.

Vodafone Wi-Fi Booster

Many houses are too big for decent Wi-Fi signal to penetrate throughout the entire house and Wi-Fi extenders or mesh networks are often used to fix this. Vodafone are introducing their new Vodafone Wi-Fi Booster to extend the Wi-Fi signal.

At $180 or $5 per month on a 36-month interest free accessory payment plan it’s not a cheap solution, especially given the cost of other solutions ($399 for a three pack of Google Wi-Fi at JB this week) but its a simple solution for many out there.

If you are interested in any of these offers head on over to the Vodafone NBN website and check them out.

Source: Vodafone.
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With the way NBN pricing is changing all the time I wouldn’t want to lock myself into a 3 year contract. Even if its only $5 a month to cancel earlier. The Mobile Landline is a good idea, although I leave my Bigppond landline unplugged due to the increasing annoyance from oversea’s telemarketers.