Google have teased us with an upcoming Nest, with what according to other leaks appears to be a replacement for the original Google Home. Now rumours are pointing towards an August release date for the new Nest speaker.

Leaker, Roland Quandt, has taken to Twitter to tell everyone what he has heard. The new speaker, codenamed J2, will be available at the “end of August” and will cost 100Euro (~AU$156).

He goes on to say that the speaker will be available in the usual Charcoal and Chalk colours, although one of Google’s teaser videos showed off blue and green options as well.

The video provided by Android Police below also shows the blue and green versions and demonstrates one user holding the speaker while it was working — without an attached cable, more than suggesting that it will arrive with an inbuilt battery.

There is also some suggestion that it may have a removable cover to suit your colour and style requirements — see the screenshot below. What else could the lady be holding there?

Of course it may launch like the Pixel Buds and not arrive in Australia until months after the US but fingers crossed we will see it soon. It would be surprising to us if Google did announce it separately to the next Pixel phones instead of at a Made By Google event but, well, this is 2020 and nothing this year is normal it seems.

The speaker looks to be a great looking speaker and you can be sure we will be checking it out in detail when it does land here. Anyone interested in upgrading their smart speakers to the next Nest speaker?

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Ish Rashad

It’s depressing to see what wealth does to a company. There are many industries where companies in touch with humanity have focused on using tech to produce better products at lower prices. There’s now a significant proportion of the global population to whom price matters more that ever before – and will matter for a long while. And yet the Apples, Samsungs and Googles of this world forge ahead on that same curve of trying to get every last cent out of their customers. When you are wondering if there will be a next pay check, does it matter what… Read more »

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Not buying google products any more. The disaster that is youtube music was my last straw.
Until they sort their crap out I am going elsewhere and moving off Google where ever possible.