Last month we saw Android 11 Beta 2 pushed out to Pixel phones and time has marched on, as has the Google engineering team with more bug fixes for Android 11. As such the Beta 3 is now being rolled out, and is the last beta we will see before the stable release around the September 8 mark.

With Beta 2 announcing Platform Stability Beta 3 is expected to bring mostly bug fixes and minor changes to Android 11 with “all app-facing surfaces and behaviours are final”. The new Beta 3 does make some exceptions though and one of those is for apps using the Exposure Notification System — Google’s COVID-19 tracing developed in collaboration with Apple. The change is a privacy chance and that COVID-19 tracing apps cannot infer the device’s location through Bluetooth scanning

The new Beta allows developers to finalise their app’s compatibility with Android 11 before its release hopefully next month. The new beta is available for Pixel 3 through to the freshly announced Pixel 4a. Those already in the beta program will receive an OTA notification and if you are not head on over and enrol your Pixel device in the program to check out what is next for Android. You can also download the system images and flash it for yourself.

With the stable release of Android 11 expected in the next few weeks you can be sure that the final beta will be extremely close to stable but as always, it is a beta so stability is not guaranteed. If you do check it out let us know what you think.

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Beta is available on the Pixel 2xl too. Just installed it


How did you go? I am thinking about installing on my 2XL as well.


Spotify app seems to NOT find my cast targets. That is really annoying. I am now requesting songs via voice on the device. GPM/YTM works fine in finding cast targets.

Glenn Paterson

Casting from Spotify is all good on my pixel 4 after installing the latest beta today.

I typically do a full factory reset after a version upgrade, but haven’t done so yet.


They seemed to have fixed it after I filed a bug.