Not long ago we pined about the lack of availability of smartphone accessories for so many phones that are available to purchase in Australia. Ideally, cases, chargers, cables etc should be part of every manufacturer’s after-sales service but unfortunately not. OPPO though have decided to come to the party for their ever-growing number of Australian users and have opened their new online store.

The new store, at this stage, stocks a small range of cases, chargers, cables and wearables (in the form of smart headphones). Eventually the store will stock all of OPPO’s products that aren’t smartphones, thus including their recently announced OPPO Watch and Enco headphones. The Watch will be available from September 29 and the Enco Series headphones from October 6.

We’re thrilled to be bringing this next phase of the OPPO journey to Australian shores. Wearables and accessories are a key part of amplifying the smartphone experience and we’re proud to be broadening our product offering to our Australian users as we continue to build out the OPPO ecosystem locally.Michael Tran, MD OPPO Australia

Although the accessories for sale on the site is far from extensive at this stage it is hoped that the range will grow over time and every single OPPO phone sold in Australia will be represented on there with multiple available cases.

Hopefully this is not the last manufacturer we see bring their accessories in an official capacity to Australia but given that there really doesn’t seem to be another player pushing as hard nor as successfully as OPPO at the moment it is unlikely any others will do it to this extent.

If you own an OPPO smartphone and are after accessories head on over to their online store and check out what they have to offer for you.

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Quentin Wright

From all I have seen on the internet the Flash Charge Powerbank will also fast charge OnePlus so off to the store I go for my OnePlus 7T Pro!