Each year OnePlus release a small upgrade to their yearly flagship towards the end of the year. This year though, if rumours are to be believed, that we will not see their flagship receive the upgrade but instead the standard version.

Mysmartprice have today published a tip from Ishan Agarwal stating that the OnePlus 8T will be launched on October 14 — online of course. The crazy part is that he also said that the time frame may change due to COVID-19 — well, of course. This matches the finish date for the competition on Amazon to win a OnePlus 8T.

Coincidentally, that same day OnePlus themselves have started hyping the OnePlus 8T themselves, releasing a new Robert Downey Jr ad.

The possibility of the Pro version of the OnePlus 8 not being updated is also solidified with OnePlus opening a page on their Indian website for the OnePlus 8T and not the 8T Pro.

It is unclear just what they will upgrade on the OnePlus 8 to make it into an 8T — most likely the camera but some have suggested it will see the SD865+ which would make it’s processor better than its more expensive sibling, the 8 Pro. I guess we will have to wait a few weeks now to find out.

Of course once again it is extremely unlikely to arrive here in any official capacity and although our ever-present optimism is failing there is still some glimmer of hope.

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Still not available here. They have settled.


I have settled on not buying another OnePlus to their sold on shore. Never settle!