Tongiht we had the Mr Buzz Moody back in the house and we got down to business. HTC got alot of the mention, sparking the creation of our latest Poll: This years worst mobile manufacturer. Vote for it now and we will reveal the results on the next podcast. We also gave the low down on the latest software updates, Samsung and the Asus Transformer Infinity. Hit the break and get on down.

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Daniel Tyson, Geoff Fieldew and Buzz Moody


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    So as an outsider to the Android community, listening to this episode of the podcast as a way of trying to decide which handset to buy, I basically heard that out of the One X, Galaxy S 3 and Galaxy Nexus – they’re all rubbish for various reasons.


    Samsung is my choice.. S3 with many stupid features..


    So “doing a LG” means being the worst? Sounds about right. Except no other manufacturer can really challenge LG at that title.

    Victor Ling

    agreed…samsung should def be on the poll as well…wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot poll…


    i think the poll was limited to only 4 victims… who do you think Samsung should replace on the poll?

    David Anderton

    no samsung in the poll choices… i know buzz is a samsung fan boy but not all of us are impressed