Sony announced the Xperia Ear earlier this year at Mobile World Congress but little was known about its availability except for “later this year”. Even then it was unknown whether it would grace our shores here in Australia. Now it has appeared on the Sony Australia website making it an almost certain thing to arrive here, hopefully in November.

The Sony Xperia Ear is a tiny earpiece that incorporates a proximity sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer to know if it is in your ear, not in use or in its charging case. It then reacts accordingly to the situation — for example, it knows when its been placed in your ear and will automatically turn on to deliver the latest updates. Just like Google Now it talks to you and you talk back asking it to perform functions that are completed on the paired Android phone (running 4.4 or later). The website has a large list of phrases that can be used to obtain information from the Xperia Ear ranging from “What’s the date today?” to “Search for Jupiter on Wikipedia”

The sensors allow you to nod to confirm a command issued by the Xperia Ear. Through the Xperia Ear you can issue commands, even with head gestures, without muttering a word. It’s like having Google Now in your ear and activating it without saying a single word.

For those who are interested head over to the Sony website to register your interest and be informed of when more details on its availability arise.

Source: Sony.
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Sam Z.

Sounds like a really intelligent device. Can however be only as good as the users are able to utilize it.


It will make you look like Herman Munster, but with bolts sticking out of your ears.


hehe… well, one half herman munster..