If you’re looking at turning your home into a connected home,  the chances are that in your research you’ve come across Ring products only to be disappointed – they are not available in Australia. Well, they weren’t, but they are now, and they look the goods.

Ring are best known for their doorbell but there are multiple spring products that are available on JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman Australia right now,  soon to appear on Bunnings’ website too.  The available range includes the stick up camera, solar charging panel and chime to pair with your doorbell.

The Doorbell: $299


Available in multiple colours and at both Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi now.

Stick up Cam: $299


Available at both Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi now

Chime: $59


Available at Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi now.

Solar Charger: $79


Available at Harvey Norman and JB Hifi now.

We’ve reached out to Ring for further information and will keep Ausdroid readers up to date with any new information that comes to light.

What are the appealing features of the Ring product set for you?

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Jason Forsyth

i bought 2 video doorbells and a chime 2-3 weeks ago. Shipping is from Hong Kong.

Few comments 1) The setup process is painful (near impossible at least using my 6P.) 2) I’ve experienced some delays in notifications so much so the person has left once I answered 3) Motion sensing is hit or miss and requires constant tweaking (but so are my professional surveillance cameras)

Note the $40 (AUD) per year per device video subscription model. Well worth it IMO. I’ve confirmed Ring have cloud servers are located in Australia.

Do I recommend. Yes. 100%

David Anderton

Does the doorbell have a relay output you could use to trigger a door/gate opening?

Paul Smedley

No, but if the supports ring

Jason Forsyth

Not that I’m aware of. It has “ring+” partners that have direct integration. Apparently you can unlock the door directly from the ring app if you have supported smart lock.

It also supports ifttt.

David Anderton

Thanks guys

Paul Smedley

I bought a Ring video doorbell a month or so ago from ebay (shipped from the US). very impressed with the featureset!