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It would seem that Motorola/Lenovo are working a new, mysterious device which has leaked out thanks to our favourite serial leaker, Evan Blass.

The leak which mainly comes in thanks from Stephen MacLeod, a Toronto-based image production specialist, who has a website that displays his many portfolio works. It’s interesting to note that Lenovo/Motorola are one of his many clients.

Looking over at MacLeod’s website under the Motorola section, there does seem to be a pattern here, with most of the well known Moto wallpapers and Motorola devices on the site very familiar, except for one Motorola device – the one leaked by Blass and shown above.


Because of the thin bezels displayed in the leaked picture along with the similar designs of Moto devices over the last few years, many are saying that this device could be the successor to 2015’s Moto X Pure Edition. However, like any sort of rumours or speculations, it is best to take this with a grain of salt until we either know more or Motorola / Lenovo announce this new Moto device.

Furthermore, looking at how close we are to end of the year, it is less possible that Motorola / Lenovo would release the device this given that the company has already released six devices in the last five months. We think its more likely that the Moto brand might take a bit of a breather for the remainder of the year — a time not usually associated with phone launches — and this new phone might appear next year instead.

What do you think of this mysterious Moto device? Do you think we could see a new Moto X Pure 2017 Edition early next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Evan Blass - Twitter.
Via: (Stephen MacLeod's website).
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john smith

I wonder if it is a standalone DROID


Looks like a Motorola Nexus 6.


Same thing I thought


The bezels on this device seem pretty equal in size. N6 has bigger bezel on top, smaller on bottom.


Hmm what a revealing leak… looks like… a smartphone!


It looks pretty nice :). Still waiting for Harvey Norman to receive their stock of the Z Play here in WA so I can pick one up. Not going to wait to see if this new image is “a thing”, but assume current Mods will work with whatever this could be anyway.