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The Chromecast is a great little device, it gives a lot of functionality for a mere $49, but who wants to pay full retail? Well, don’t, here’s a couple of ways to get a Chromecast for a discount.

We’ve seen quite a few deals from Dick Smith of late, but it seems you can also get a good deal from JB Hifi at the moment. Over on OzBargain , user Chthonic describes a deal that will get you a Chromecast in-store for $39.20. Apparently JB are running a promotion on their gift cards: Buy a $50 Gift Card and get 20% off your next purchase (up to a maximum of $20 off a $100 purchase). This of course sees you laying out $50, but you’ll still have $10.80 to spend.

Note: We’re not sure if you can use this deal on Gift Cards, but you could in theory actually purchase a $50 Google Play Gift Card to get 20% off. Might be best asking staff in-store.

If you’re nowhere near a JB HiFi store, or can’t be bothered heading in, you can always try out eBay. Melbourne based seller heloMolto is selling Australian stock Chromecast for $39, including delivery on their eBay site.

There’s many uses for Chromecast, streaming video/music, surfing the web or mirroring your screen to it. There’s also exclusive deals like a months worth of Foxtel Presto or three months of Google Play Music All Access.

We love Chromecast here at Ausdroid and think you should try it out.

What’s your favourite use for Chromecast?

Source: Ozbargain.