During the Google I/O keynote, Drive was featured for a few minutes to show off new updates for Workplaces. Updates included unlimited storage for all Google Apps, as well as collaboration tools for the low price of $10 per employee per month?! It seems one of Australia’s favourite electronics retailers – Dick Smith – began using Google Apps a year ago and Daniel Chiha, Communications Specialist (Operations) at Dick Smith has described the transition and benefits on the Google Enterprise blog.

Dick Smith employs over 3,000 staff across 376 stores around Australia and New Zealand. The logistics of dealing with this sort of scope, often meant it would take up to 24 hours to communicate news of promotions, and products to all staff. With the move to Google Apps, it’s now almost instant.  

Dick Smith head office has created websites for their 23 area managers (who overlook several stores), which link to Drive folders containing details on the newest promotions and products, cutting out man hours calling and faxing them. Dick Smith have also started using Forms and Sheets for communication and employees now submit sign-offs in one Form, which can be responded to in real time.

Dick Smith is real proof that Google Drive is ahead of the competition and perfect for efficiency for not only personal uses, but also for corporate uses, which is what Google have been pushing for.

What do you think of Google Drive for Businesses? Do you know any business or educational institutions who have ‘Gone Google’?

Source: Google Enterprise Blog.
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Shea Quinn

Hah, I actually remember reading this. I don’t know why it didn’t click >_<

Shea Quinn

I’m pretty sure Woolworths is rolling out GApps as well. All staff members actually have a G+ profile as well as other backend stuff.

Shea Quinn

I started working for them during the transitional period and it has definitely made everyone’s jobs alot easier.

The best bit is the implementation of google groups as a massive stores forum. Anyone has any problems we can jump on throw out a question and its normally answered by another staff member or head office within 15mins. Sometimes longer if its a big issue.

Google Apps has definitely come a long way.