Towards the end of July we saw leaks of a possible Motorola-made Nexus phablet with the codename Shamu surface. The Shamu didn’t go into hiding after that either with another rumour that it was to become an Android Silver device and would actually be released as the Moto S. Today another piece to the Shamu puzzle surfaced.

Over in India a mention of a Shamu device with the code number XT1112 appeared in an import/export tracking system. While it is not the most reliable of sources there is a definite mention of “SHAMU PHONES (PROTOTYPE) (FOR DEMO PURPOSE) MOTOROLA XT1112”. Whether this will become the sixth Nexus device is unknown still but it seems that the Shamu is a real thing.


Here at Ausdroid we love a good Nexus rumour or leak so stay tuned to your favourite Australian Android website for all the latest Nexus information in the coming weeks and months.

Source: Zauba.
Via: Droid Life.
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    So does it seem like the Shamu Nexus 6 phone and the Flounder Nexus 9 tablet will be released together? Typically when Google release a new Nexus device, it’s with a new Android version. Google may opt just to release both the tab and the phone on the same version of the new L software, rather than one device on L, then another device on L.X or something. If they are making these devices and they will be coming out together, I hope that they’ll have somewhat consistent designs. I don’t want the HTC made tablet to be beautiful with… Read more »

    Elliot Kotis

    Shamu could just me Android Silver devices (gen 1)…hence so many possible devices.

    Cameron Harvey

    It won’t be a Silver device, it’s too expensive.

    Elliot Kotis

    What I meant is Shamu is all silver devices, or a line of them from moto

    I hear what you are saying, however, no one ever said that android silver would be cheap, that is android one. And the fact it is expensive points to it not being a Nexus, unless google decided to give nexus back it’s edge in the spec department, and sacrificed 200 dollars for it. 🙂

    Iain Simmons

    I just checked the converted price per unit listed there and 35,000 INR is about $620 (AUD).

    Not your typical Nexus price range, though in Australia, it would still be less than most flagship phones by quite a bit.

    Paul Stewart

    It could be worth more now, as mass production will bring costs down, well I hope so anyway!