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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Vodafone HTC Desire HD’s shipped, arriving very shortly

Any of you lucky people (unlike us) who have pre-ordered the HTC Desire HD can get excited about any mail for the next 24 hours. Vodafone have announced via their Twitter account about the shipping of the devices, hitting...

Desire HD hitting Vodafone stores on Friday

Vodafone have just kindly pointed out via their Twitter account that the HTC Desire HD will hit all Vodafone stores from this Friday (5th of November). The 4.3" monster will no doubt create a stir in stores and will...

Huawei IDEOS — Sneak peak review

While the full review is a little way off, here's a sneak peak of what's in store. The IDEOS is a diminutive 3G/HSDPA-capable Android 2.2-powered handset with similar form factor to the HTC Wildfire. It's small, easily fits in the hand - and while it might lack some of the hardware polish of a more 'name-brand' device, the IDEOS - as you will soon see - holds its own, especially considering the bargain-basement price of $159 outright on the Crazy John's network. It's quick, snappy, functional, and importantly, performs well as a mobile phone as well as a mobile data device.

Android 2.1 for the LG Optimus is now available

Update: This is the last time I bash resistive screens, I think I've made my point clear though. So, LG Optimus owners, are you still enjoying the pleasure that is your resistive screened Android device? If so, then good. If...

Official: Samsung Galaxy Tab will launch November 8th for $999, start saving now

We already let you know in a previous post that the Galaxy Tab would be hitting shelves on November 8th, but now it's official with Samsung sending out the all important press release. Within the release Samsung confirms the...

HTC Wildfire only $299 from Target

Target is evidently the place to be to get yourself some low-priced technological goodness. For only $299 you can get yourself a HTC Wildfire + bonus Car Charger, 2 Protectors & a Screen Protector. Target says this is normally...

LG Optimus One available from Telechoice on $29 cap ($349 outright)

Just when we thought it would never appear, the LG Optimus One has popped up in Telechoice's Catalogue sporting a $29 cap and those free GPS additions we previously reported on. The Optimus One is the next generation LG...

Telstra T-Touch Tab tumbling towards Target tomorrow

It appears that it's not only Telstra that will be directly selling the T-Touch Tab, Target are also in on the act and will be selling the T-Touch from tomorrow onwards for the same $299 price tag as Telstra....

Sony Ericsson Australia says to ‘watch this space over the next few weeks’ in...

I'm getting sick of posting about Sony Ericsson and their shenanigans, but I'm sticking in there for the X10 owners, as I was once one of you, but I went for the exit not too long ago. All the...

What’s going down in November..

November is a busy month, it's filled with all the latest releases that are being pushed out by carriers, manufacturers and retailers in order to get the most sales during the upcoming holiday season. We're going to see a...

Samsung Galaxy Tab — Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a sight for sore eyes amongst the truck-load of cheap & dodgey Android Tablets that haven become available over the recent months. Samsung have worked exceptionally hard to get Android 2.2, along with TouchWiz,...

Android 2.1 for X10 Series coming early to mid November

If you're the owner of any one of the devices above, there is almost no doubt that you're well & truly annoyed that you're running Android 1.6. It seems Sony Ericsson is to busy leaking stuff out about its...

Huawei IDEOS available from Crazy John’s from today onwards

The Huawei IDEOS is now available for purchase from Australia Post stores today, Crazy John's retailers next week and soon from their website, which is great news for all you bargain hunters out there. The IDEOS, which will set...

HTC Desire HD now available for pre-order from Vodafone

Desperate to get your hands on the latest technology HTC & Vodafone have to offer? Then it's best you get your pre-orders in for the Desire HD now, as these beasts are going to have a waiting-list longer than...

OTA Froyo update now available for Telstra HTC Desire

So it turns out that too many people were having problems with HTC Sync and HTC & Telstra have instead decided to push the update OTA to prevent any further problems. To get the update, if you haven't already...

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