Along with the news of Android 2.3.3 for the original Galaxy S from Samsung, Vodafone made mention of a maintenance update currently being tested for the Samsung Galaxy S II.

A new maintenance release for the Samsung Galaxy S II is currently in testing.

We can only speculate as to what it’s for — bugfixes, everyone loves bugfixes — but whatever it is, it’s nice to see Samsung and Vodafone committing to keep their devices running as best they can.

The last maintenance update that Samsung and Voda rolled out together was to squish bugs and improve the browser. Once Vodafone release more info in the coming weeks or months, we’ll let you know.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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No, well the one I got wasn’t.

Lincoln Mah



I (yes little ‘ol me) got to test this for Voda, the issue it addressed for me was wireless tethering, both of my SGS2 couldn’t use this function and they gave me the update (a little while ago) to install and test and it fixed it, I have not noticed anything else that is different.


Maybe they will add more pixels to the screen? Or a notification LED? That would be an awesome update!

Buzz Moody

With a bit of luck..

peter baker

what could that be about?  there is nothing wrong with this phone!!!