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Reports are coming in from component suppliers that we could see one of the rumoured Amazon branded tablet running Android as early as October. Rumoured to be manufactured by Quanta Computing the 7″ tablet may be joined in Q1 2012 by a 10″ big brother manufactured by Foxconn Electronics. Specs for both tablets are a little vague as the devices are still technically under wraps, but my feelings are that the 7″ will be powered by this years most popular tablet CPU the Dual-Core nVidia Tegra2, whilst the 10″ may go for the Quad-Core “Kal-El” Tegra3 also from nVidia.

Analysts are predicting sales of between 3-5 million units and with Amazon perhaps looking to expand into Australia. I think a combination of the Amazon Tablet coupled with Amazons existing multimedia distribution (TV, Movies, Books, Music), their Cloud Music storage service and the Amazon App Store this could be a perfect tablet for Australians as well as those looking for something to compete with the Apple eco-system. What do you think, would you buy an Amazon Tablet?

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Quanta Computer built the olpc, the one laptop per child display engineer created http://pixelqi.com which has a lcd display that has a reflective low power mode that works in the sun.They have a 7inch pixel qi display in dev has 1024x600xRGB (transmissive) 3072×600 (reflective)in development. Will it be in the amazon tab? 


I’ve been hanging for a seven inch kal-el, if it’s only a tegra 2 I’ll pass


Depends on price. Also Amazon have traditionally restricted their content to the US, will be good to see wider availability. Not sure I can justify paying more than $100 for a tablet after the touchpad!