File this one away in the Rumour Mill for now, but we’ve received word from a source whom tells us that Dick Smith Electronics are expecting the HTC Wildfire S on Telstra Prepaid to hit their warehouse(s) around the 5th of next month. This would then mean that it will go on sale to the general public a short time after.

Funnily enough, the 5th of September is almost exactly a year after the original Wildfire hit Telstra Prepaid.

The source notes that the pricing is currently set at $199, which is far cheaper than the $349 that was asked for the original HTC Wildfire on Telstra Prepaid.

As the device is sold by Telstra Prepaid, it will be locked to the Telstra network. The unlocking fee, as far as I can tell, is $100 or $27.50 once you’ve had the device for 6 months.

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I like drawing yes

fingers crossed. this is a nice little improvement over the last wildfire.


$199 is what they were selling the original Wildfire for recently at dick smith. It has been removed from the prepaid listing online now.


and for those looking for specs….