So today was just another day in court for the two major technology rivals, Samsung and Apple, with both still bickering over the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad 2. The only real win, if you want to call it that, is that Samsung can release the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in very late September or early October. This has no doubt taken a fair chunk of their planned profits, considering the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was expected to launch in early August.

But who has been the real winner out of this whole fiasco? Why, the lawyers Motorola, of course.

Why do I think this? Well, back in early July I received word from a concrete source that Motorola were telling their sales team to push the Motorola XOOM out the door and into consumers hands as quick as possible. They were doing this because as soon as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 hit the shelves, the XOOM had no real selling point over it.

So whilst Samsung and Apple have been fighting over who has the most fascinating patents, Motorola has been sitting back promoting the hell out of the XOOM — has anyone else noticed the increase in TV ads and website advertising? — so that they’ve cleared out their warehouses to make way for something better. That’s my thoughts anyway.

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Loren W

Samsung Winner in Patent War, Motorola Biggest Loser

vijay alapati

Wish this battle will lead to price drop for more tablets…i really dont need a tablet. but want to buy one. so dont want to spend any thing more than $500 on a tablet.

Dylan Waghorne

so true, its more of a want than a need


Umm.. I think the real winner is Apple and the iPad… hence their legal battle with Samsung (their only legit competitor).  If you were saying the real winner in the Android Tablet battle.. then yes Moto.  But saying the real winner in the Samsung vs Apple war is Moto is delusional. 

Neil Bennett

Another great article from the team at Ausdroid. 🙂

However, I reckon you’re not quite on the money. I reckon Motorola are pushing they’re product more because the iPad 3 and Xoom 2 are out soon.

The question is, do I order myself a 10.1 from Mobicity or wait for a Quad Core tablet early next year??

Aaron McAuley

Probably wait for Kal El. They’re supposed to be launching before the end of the year (rumours were October, i think?)

Although I imported a Tab from the US and it’s amazing! So you wouldn’t regret it if you went that way.

Neil Bennett

Thanks for your feedback… patience is a virtue!

Buzz Moody

You just might be right, that’s something that will be playing on Motorola’s mind. I’m just riffing off what I was told by my source.

I would personally wait for quad-core tabets — Kal-El (Tegra 3) is expected to be out around October-November.

Neil Bennett

Thanks Buzz, I appreciate the advice. Can I ask from which manufacturer such a device would emerge from? I currently own a Galaxy S2 (due in large part to the excellent review I read on your website!) and would like to own a Galaxy tablet to suit. Plus I know Samsung are pushing devices with WIFI Direct and it’s a technology I’m really excited about. 

Buzz Moody

I believe Asus were the ones working on a Tegra 3 tablet.

I’ve played with the Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 10.1v and Galaxy Tab 10.1; Samsung can make great hardware and software to match, but they currently suck — like most Honeycomb tablets.