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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Motorola Defy headed to Telstra on the 30th?

We've just been informed that Telstra are expected to launch the Motorola Defy on the 30th of this month. The only pricing information we have at present is that it will be available on Telstra's $49 cap. The Motorola Defy...

Giveaway: HTC Desire Skins & Extended Battery

Update: Winners have been chosen, congrats guys. If you didn't win, don't be bummed out, we have plenty more giveaways lined up :) With the HTC Desire HD out now on Vodafone and Telstra's exclusive on the HTC Desire is...

Samsung launches Galaxy Tab website for Australia, provides all the info you need

Samsung have not long ago sent around a launch email for the Galaxy Tab, within that email was a link to a part of the Samsung AU website dedicated to our favourite Tablet. The site provides you with all...

Vodafone announce Galaxy Tab pricing & availability

Now that Telstra & Optus have released their Galaxy Tab pricing information, Vodafone has decided it's time to join the party. Today they spilled the beans on their blog with all the pricing and availability info you'll ever need...

Next generation Samsung Galaxy Tab to have Super AMOLED display, coming next year

You see what I see? Yep, that's a next-generation Samsung Galaxy Tab with a Super AMOLED display peeking out. Super AMOLED, for those of you who aren't currently aware, is Samsung's next-generation display technology that is used in the...

Motorola Milestone 2 coming to Optus and Vodafone in December

I'll be the first to admit the Motorola Milestone was a great phone, sure its bootloader was locked up beyond all belief, but its hardware was fantastic. What was the real down-side to the Milestone was how long it...

We’re hands on with the Millennius SmartQ & HTC Desire HD

Note: For all new readers, these posts go up so you guys can ask us questions about the device before the review goes up. Hope we cleared that up.. G'day guys, today feels like Christmas for us with the arrival...

Sony Ericsson Anzu leaks out, will run Gingerbread and make X10 Series cry

Believe it or not, I'm really starting to not like Sony Ericsson. They have the capabilities to make really, really good phones, but they manage to completely stuff then up on launch with hardware & software limitations. The Sony...

Desire Z & HD have now got permanent root access

If you're one of the lucky ones that purchased their Desire Z from MobiCity, and one of the many that have received their Desire HD from Vodafone and the like, you'll be happy to know (if it interests you)...

Nexus One to receive Gingerbread in the next few days?

News coming out of Camp TechCrunch is that the Google Nexus One just might be getting Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in 'a few days', well that's if you don't have to wait for Vodafone to load it up with obligatory...

HTC Desire HD now available from Three’s online store

When the Desire HD was first announced by HTC and Vodafone just a few days ago, they did mention it was coming to Three 'soon'. Well, 'soon' is 'now, as the Desire HD is up on Three's online store...

Dell Streak skipping Android 2.1 and headed straight for 2.2

If you're one of the Tablet-Phone loving geeks like myself, you obviously went and purchased your Dell Streak the first day it was available, right? Maybe it was just me then. Anyway, the Dell Streak will be getting Android...
Huawei IDEOS side profile

Huawei IDEOS – Review

Huawei is a name that many consumers in the Australian market won't recognise. In an entirely unscientific test, I asked a few friends - some nerds, some not - whether they'd heard this name and they just looked at...

Garmin-Asus A50 now only $199 at Dick Smith

Even though the relationship that was Garmin-Asus has ceased, that hasn't stopped Dick Smith stocking the Garmin-Asus A50 for Optus Prepaid and selling it at a low $199, which appears to be the current price for Android prepaid devices....

Confirmed: HTC Legend will get Android 2.2

Confirmation: This is for ALL carriers. Crazy John's etc.. There have been a heap of Vodafone customers, who have HTC Legends, contact me lately, all wanting to know if their device is going to receive Android 2.2 (Froyo) or not....

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