So you thought there would never be a device (besides the Dell Streak) to fit in that stupid awkward size between your 4.3-inch smartphone and 7-inch tablet? Well Samsung are hoping to fill the void with a useless interesting device dubbed the Galaxy Q, which will apparently be announced and shown off at IFA in Berlin this September. The Galaxy Q is expected to have a Super AMOLED + display measuring in at 5.3-inches (.3-inches more than the Streak) and if it’s not 1280×800, I will hit something. The translation from the original Korean article is sketchy, but it does mention the Galaxy Q have WCDMA and LTE antennas; whether that’s in the single device, or WCDMA in one and LTE in the other is unknown. Either way, we’re going to see some interesting stuff coming out of IFA.

Source: Sammy Hub.
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Anthony Jackson

i got a dell streak 5″ and its perfect size not too big and screen big enough to me i think anything smaller then 4″ is to small unless its a slider


I was looking at the Dell Streak for my next phone at one stage.I’ve never been a fan of virtual keyboards, but if I was going to go down that path – I’d want a bigger screen size like this to compensate.
I’m in the minority though, I know.

Dylan Waghorne

stupid and useless


Well the ipad has been a very successful answer to a question no one was asking so why not this?

Buzz Moody

We never heard anything about Dell moving a heap of Streak units, which is what I based my thoughts on. 

It’s a very awkward size, so it’ll be interesting to see what people’s thoughts are when it’s unveiled.

Matt McLeod

I think that’s about the size of the Palm Pilot III — Wikipedia isn’t saying anything about the screen dimensions, but the whole unit is ~5.6″ diagonally — which was useful and not particularly awkward, but also wasn’t pretending to be a phone.

It’s a pretty decent size for an ereader, there are a whole bunch of them around with 5″ eink displays.

How useful it is on a wacky phone/tablet hybrid is an entirely different question.