During Google’s Q2 Earnings Call, Google CEO, Larry Page noted that Android had surpassed 550,000 activations per day. This is a very impressive feat considering it was under a month ago on June 28th when Andy Rubin announced that Android had made it to half a million acitivations per day and the growth rate was at 4.4% w/w — we don’t doubt it.

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Craig Durkee

What do they class as an activation though??

Is it handsets activated for the 1st time or each time a new rom is flashed.

Me and a mate were discussing this the other day, it could be massively in accurate.  Any ideas guys ?


I totally agree. This is also valid for most of the stats we are given each day. I would love some clarification on that. Giving a number without explaining clearly what it is about doesn’t make any sense.

Any idea ? What is the impact of flashing a ROM, hard reseting your device, taking it back to the store for repair… ? The question around the ROM flashing is quite important because in the Android community it’s pretty much common. 

Craig Durkee

Hey, its a really valid question?

Although it seems we have lots of fanboys here as no one is waging in on the argument.  How applesque of everyone 🙂