If you’re keen on getting down and dirty with your HTC device, by that I mean rooting the hell out of it and flashing it with custom builds of Android, then this may be great news for you. We were told it was coming and now the team over at AlphaRevX have apparently achieved what most thought was impossible, S-OFF on the HTC Sensation. In a nutshell S-OFF means you can write to the device’s NAND partition to gain permanent root access on the Sensation. AlphaRevX haven’t yet released the instructions and needed material to gain S-OFF, though I’m sure that’ll be coming very soon. Hit the break to see S-OFF on the Sensation in action.

Source: AlphaRevX - YouTube.
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James Fraser

This will show all them n00bs who own SGS2’s just how foolish they are, and show them what a well built phone can do with an unlocked bootloader and good partition layout

Renaldo Johnson

Yeah, it really baffles me why Samsung willingly ignored EXT4…



Good guys = 1
HTC = 0



Nice work!!!!!