Update: The Android app is to control your content, not to stream from, our apologises.

Sonos have just announced their new all-in-one Hi-Fi Sonos Player, the PLAY:3. The PLAY:3 can play any music you throw at it, conveniently conntrolled from your Android device as well. The unit itself has 3 speakers: 1 tweeter and 2 dedicated mid-range drivers, which will apparently output some amazing sound in both horizontal and vertical configurations. The unit sits wirelessly around your home/office/unit/dwelling and can be paired up with another Sonos PLAY:3 via the Sonos Bridge to provide Stereo Sound; you can also add multiple PLAY:3’s into the mix to provide sound in multiple rooms if that’s your kinda thing. Instead of us telling you all about it, why don’t you just watch the two videos embedded after the break? We recommend it.

Oh, if there’s enough interest from you guys, we might even review one for you.

Source: Sonos Australia.
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    Would be very interested to see a review on these, they look pretty good but would be interested in finding out how that translates into real performance. Waiting on the arrival of my first Android phone (SGSII), moving from the Nokia N900 and accessories like these make it seem well worth the change.

    Alberto Polintan

    Buzz, go on. Do a review. I’m very, very curious to see how this would work. Also, some idea about pricing would be great!

    Jason Owen

    I find this sort of stuff very interesting to the android ecosystem, I recently got an A2DP streaming headset for the car to rid myself of the wires. 


    A good looking bit of kit. If you can get hold of one Buzz, it will be great if you can do a review as I’m interested in this sort of thing.

    Lucas Burnett

    Ive just purchased a standard Sonos system and should be doing a review on here very shortly. In a couple of weeks a review will be up. Though I do not have the new PLAY:3 component.


    Looking forward to the review.

    Useability and sound quality info please.

    Can you use it as sound output for Tv etc.?