If you’ve been waiting to get your hand on the ‘NextG Optimised‘ variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II on the Big T, then now is your time to pre-order! If you’re one of the first 500 people to pre-order by [this] Friday July 22nd, Telstra will make sure you receive your Galaxy S II by next Tuesday the 26th. You can pre-order the Galaxy S II on either Telstra’s $59 Freedom Connect Plan, which has an extra $20/mo mobile repayment, or buy it outright for a whopping $840. We’re yet to get our hands on a ‘NextG Optimised’ Galaxy S II to see if the enhancements are really worth the extra cost, when the device readily available online and overseas for much less. Hit the source link to head to the Telstra Pre-order page; but before you do, make sure you read our review.

Source: Telstra - Galaxy S II.
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Walked into all phones on Friday with $700 and walked out with an sgs2+32gb cl10 card, slid in nextg sim and grinning from ear to ear… bugger paying for bloatware from Telstra…. IMO of course.


Good work, that business owner lost a little bit on that sale. 🙂

Craig Durkee

Could you scan a copy of the receipt for price matching purposes

Tony Woodhead

If you try and do a pre-order then select to pick up in store, for NSW you’ll have have two options, Miranda or Sydney – FAIL


Looks like we can’t port over our current mobile numbers online

Tully Woo Waa

You can, but it took a whole lot of waiting on the phone to find that out.
They then sent me an e-mail saying they were out of stock, when I called to cancel they told me the e-mail was wrong, but by then I’d had it with the online store and cancelled anyway.

Went to JB Hifi where they will put one aside for me for Tuesday and give me a $100 gift card.

Tully Woo Waa

I’ll pay the little bit extra for a two-year warranty that I can walk into any T-store to use.


NextG Optimised = Bloatware


yeah i’d believe that…

i ordered my SGSII from Expansys, and it’s now on Telstras BYO Freedom Connect for $49 a month, no chance they would ever catch me paying $79 a month for the same thing.

Tully Woo Waa

The difference is $30 x 24 months = $720. Same same.


Youre effectively saving $50-$60 buying outright once you include shipping costs.

Now you have the advantage of flexibility over the next two years, but a much worse warranty.

Much of a muchness really.