And so it begins. Not so long ago Samsung sent a few lucky CM devs their latest and greatest creation, the Samsung Galaxy S II, their mission? develop, and this is what they have done.

Starting now, you can get the first nightly, direct from the CyanogenMod mirror network. There are a few things to remember frist, make sure you have root access, if not hit up the CF-Root directions here, gaining root can brick your handset, so please proceed with caution. As always we take no responsibility for your destroying your little precious. There are a number of ways to flash the CM7 Rom, these include manually flashing through ClockworkMod Recovery or flashing via the ClockworkMod App. All the directions on what to do can be found via the xda thread. Make sure to read through this thread before doing anything.

Not everything is hunky dorey, there are a few things that don’t work on the first build, and this is pretty normal for nightlies. The non-working components are:

  • Bluetooth
  • Video playback – many formats are not recognized
  • Video recording – especially HD
  • Vibration and haptic feedback can be better
  • Auto brightness
  • TV out
  • FM Radio
  • Compass issues
  • Some users lose network connection after sending a SMS (all on T-Mobile Austria it seems?)
  • Some users report photos on the external SD-card seem to get deleted
  • Issues when using the 2G/3G-Switch, which can only be solved by a wipe and reflash
  • Overheating problems, caused by some misbehaving app, most probably Mediascanner/DRM
  • Media volumes (volume in general maybe)
  • USB host mode

Have fun flashing, I know I will.

Source: Android Police.
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almost everything not working 

Ty Hancock

I think I’ll be sticking with MIUI ROM. After tasting how refined MIUI was on my N1, I don’t think I could go back to anything remotely stock. Unless the CM team can pull a few of the Samsung tricks out of the bag aka host mode, MHL functions, video codeca and alike. Besides, currently there’s a fair bit more working in the MIUI port.


hhmm listing all the Cons and none of the Pros kinda makes me not want to risk bricking my beautiful phone.


I’ve got villain on mine but want cm7, will wait till it’s a little mine developed first..


Hmm, my SGSII is my first android phone, so the idea of rooting and ROMing my phone intrigues me, but with that list of stuff that doesn’t work, I’ll wait for later versions i think.