We told you the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was coming to Optus, and now Optus Business have confirmed our news by putting up a ‘Register Your Interest’ page for it. If we’ve learnt anything from past experiences with Optus Business announcing devices before they launch, it’s that the device will usually be available in 1 and a half to two months which lines up nicely with our expected release date of September. Since this is only a registration of interest, there’s no official word on pricing, but we’ve got you covered with what Optus have got in mind for pricing. If you’re interested in registering your interest and have an ABN, hit the source link below. If you’re a regular consumer, Optus should announce something in the coming days.

Source: Optus Business.
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Robert Sleight

Myer will be selling the 10.1, stock due 4-5 weeks.


I assume like all things Australia – this will be sold at some ridiculous over-inflated price…