If the 1650mAh battery in your Samsung Galaxy S II just isn’t enough to get you through the day, then it looks like you’ll want to be buying this new 2000mAh battery when Samsung release in Australia come September 29th.

The battery is 110% official, so there’s no worrying about a crappy knock-off that might explode. The only downside is that the new battery comes with a new back cover which makes the device ~1mm thicker (~9.5mm) but that’s a fair trade-off for an extra 350mAh of juice.

It’s priced at $40 which also isn’t too bad — I’ll be getting one, I reckon — and will be available from Samsung Australia’s official accessories site. Go on, click the source link, you know you want to bookmark it.

Source: Samsung Australia.
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Cheney Bush

The source website is just this business website with Samsung put in front of it.
This is misleading and wrong, and becuase of it I will not buy from you.

Buzz Moody

You certainly know your stuff…

They are the official supplier of accessories for Samsung and other manufacturers.

[insert name]

is this out yet?

Steve Nightingale

Excellent news.  I’ll definitely pony up for the bigger battery.  I bought a cheap 1800mAh from ebay because the 1650mAh just doesn’t cut it.  Any extra power will be appreciated.  I barely get through three-quarters of a day before having to recharge…

As for people wondering about whether covers will fit with the extra 1mm, if you have a look at the back of the phone, the bottom of it protrudes ever so slightly (where the mic is) so you’ll probably find the new back will now sit flush with that…  It’s probably a non-issue…

peter baker

its like you guys are reading my mind.  I have to click that link….

Alex Baldwin

1 issue: cases won’t fit correctly. While the Gorilla Glass screen is fine unprotected, I still use a case on the back to support it if it drops on a corner.

Slip-in pouch cases and some silicon cases should still be fine hopefully


You are only talking 1mm…… Most cases/carkits will allow for this sort of tolerance

Alex Baldwin

Hard cases (eg: plastic) don’t tend to since they fit the exact curves of the device.

Ah well, I haven’t had any battery life issues with my SGS II so I don’t think I really need it. Much much much better battery life than my original Galaxy S!


Question: Will the extra thickness stop people from using the existing samsung docks/car holders?


You are only talking 1mm…… Most cases/carkits will allow for this sort of tolerance

Tully Woo Waa

Bought the Mugen and never turned back. The SGS2 is too thin as it is – kept slipping out of my hand. With the extended back cover it’s far easier to hold.


1mm thicker is going to stop it from slipping out of your hand? 0_o?

Tully Woo Waa

The Mugen is 3200mAH (proper, not the ebay crap), and near doubles the thickness, but in a pretty useful way.

Kevin Xu70

Can’t find one for galaxy s2 though..link please

Geoff Fieldew

Yes, getting!