Commonwealth Bank has released an update to their increasingly popular Android application which brings support for Android Wear. The new update gives you a number of features, accessible via your smartwatch, which includes:

  • Viewing the balances of your accounts
  • Finding your nearest ATM
  • Accessing “Cardless Cash”

The first time you fire up the CommBank app on your Android Wear device you’ll be prompted to sign in to the app on your handset; this prevents a situation whereby the app can be used to bypass security to gain access to your account when unauthorised. It’s not ideal in terms of workflow, but it doesn’t appear to ask repeatedly; it’s just a once off (that we’ve seen thus far).

However, once you’re authorised, viewing the balances of all your CommBank accounts is quite easy, and finding your nearest ATM is remarkably quick and accurate too. We haven’t had the opportunity to try out the Cardless Cash option yet, because we don’t need any cash at the moment, but it is a cool feature that allows you to access your cash without having to grab your phone out at the ATM.


Are you a Commonwealth Bank customer? Grab the updated version of the app today and try it out, and let us know what you think.

Price: Free
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    Bootloops Anonymous

    Need permission?


    Damn. Sorry guys fixing asap!


    Must be a slow rollout as its not available for me yet.

    Bootloops Anonymous

    Hey Chris, are you able to rip the apk and post it somewhere?


    I’m glad there’s at least a few companies in this country that embrace technology. Makes me want a LG Urbane even more now