+ Friday July 19th, 2019

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Commonwealth Bank has updated their Android app with Android Wear support

Commonwealth Bank has released an update to their increasingly popular Android application which brings support for Android Wear. The new update gives you a number of features, accessible via your smartwatch, which includes: Viewing the balances of your accounts Finding your nearest ATM Accessing “Cardless Cash” The first time you …

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Commonwealth bank bringing banking to your wrist with new Smartwatch integration

Smartwatch integration is the next big thing for app developers, with the release of the Apple Watch just a short time away, a number of companies are suddenly releasing Smartwatch integration. The Commonwealth Bank has joined in, announcing their new Smartwatch compatability which will be arriving shortly for both Android …

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Commonwealth Bank officially acknowledges Tap & Pay on Android is live – comments on Credit Card support

The soft launch last week of the Commonwealth Banks Tap & Pay support in their CommBank Android app was met with much fanfare by the wider Android community, and yesterday the Commonwealth Bank officially announced that it was available. While we covered the high points in our post last week, …

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Commonwealth Bank enables NFC payments for Samsung Galaxy S 4

Westpac isn’t the only bank announcing new contactless payments services today, with Commonwealth Bank announcing today that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 can use the NFC hardware in their devices to make contactless payments using the new Commonwealth Bank mobile banking application. As you’d expect, CBA’s mobile application …

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Commonwealth Bank’s new app brings contactless payments to Android

The Commonwealth Bank today announced a new app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices. The new app incorporates features from its existing apps like Kaching and introduces Tap-to-pay mobile payment functionality across all iOS and Android devices. There’s also, appropriately, a concerted effort from CommBank to get the …

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Commonwealth Bank announces native version of Kaching for Android

The Commonwealth Bank yesterday announced a much-needed update to the Android version their mobile wallet application, Kaching. While it doesn’t look like we’re going to get native NFC payments, the Android application has been completely redesigned specifically for Android. This is a good thing – the current version of Kaching …

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