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Smartwatch integration is the next big thing for app developers, with the release of the Apple Watch just a short time away, a number of companies are suddenly releasing Smartwatch integration. The Commonwealth Bank has joined in, announcing their new Smartwatch compatability which will be arriving shortly for both Android and Apple.

The integration with your Android Wear Smartwatch requires you to have the Android Wear app installed, meaning your phone must be running Android 4.3 or above. According to the Commonwealth Bank Smartwatch website, the new app functionality includes the ability to check your balance, locate the nearest ATM and make an ATM cash withdrawal without a card, using Cardless Cash.

Lisa Frazier, Executive General Manager Digital Channels, Commonwealth Bank, says of the new smartwatch integration

Smart watches represent the next exciting generation of personal mobile devices. We are at the start of a new way of banking and together with our customers’ passion for mobile and cardless banking, we will lead in developing ways to fully leverage the capabilities of smart watches.

For more information on the Commonwealth Bank Smartwatch integration, you can check out the website, or check out the video the Commonwealth Bank has produced outlining the new features on smartwatches:

The Commbank app on Google Play hasn’t been updated as yet, though we’ve been advised that the bank has the app in pilot with customers at the moment, so a broader rollout should be expected soon.

Price: Free
Source: Commonwealth Bank.
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    Paul Smedley

    Now if only they supported credit card payments via NFC with their app so I could ditch my paytag!

    Bootloops Anonymous

    They do. Provided your phone runs 4.4 Kitkat or later.

    Paul Smedley

    Nope, they currently only support debit accounts via Nfc, nor credit cards.


    Have to say this is pretty cool, and may tempt me to move my personal banking to CBA as well. NAB are doing -nothing- in this space.

    vijay alapati

    really makes me to move my bank from ANZ to common wealth…..but i can live with out a watch app ATM