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After launching the Asus built Nexus Player last month sans controller, Google has finally put the Gamepad for Nexus Player up on the Google Store for customers to order.

The controller will cost $59, but as with all hardware from the newly launched Google Store, comes with free shipping. It appears to be in-stock and ships from the warehouse within 1-2 days.

The controller connects to your Nexus Player through a Bluetooth connection and features a couple of analog thumbsticks as well as triggers and multiple buttons – including Home and Back buttons – to control your experience on the Android TV interface. The pad is powered by 2x AA batteries which are included, but you’ll have to supply future replacements yourself.

If you’re wanting a controller for the Nexus Player you can grab one now from the Google Store.

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Damien Xenos

Should have a built in battery chargeable by Micro USB

john garrett

Got mine 2 months ago at fry’s $36


Fry’s is in America right? How much extra was shipping to Australia?


Guess I’ll eventually let you know if it works on PC !