Nvidia Shield 500GB
Nvidia’s will-they, won’t-they 500GB version of the Nvidia Shield Console is definitely on according to Nvidia themselves. An NVidia customer care rep has apparently been talking about the console in their GeForce forums, making it hard to deny that it will not be launching to consumers soon.

According to the rep, the console will launch at the same time as the 16GB version, though whether that time will be before the end of May as expected isn’t clear. The console will launch with Netflix, which is something that the Razer Forge Android TV console failed to pull off, and will be available from retailers as well as through the NVidia online store.

Unfortunately there’s still no real avenue to directly purchase an Nvidia Shield product in Australia. NVidia has repeatedly told us they are trying to release their Shield line in Australia, but until we see something concrete on Australian support, it’s still going to have to be an import using shipping forwarders at this stage.

Source: GeForce Forums.
Via: Android Police.
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This thing would be ~ $425+ delivered from Amazon which is getting close to the price of a PS4 or xbone. I don’t see any sense in it. I’d rather have a leading console AND a cheap $100 AndroidTV device.


They need to at least, make it available to purchase from their website, and deliver to Australia…. I have wanted to purchase a shield tablet, but the nvidia store does not deliver to Australia, now I really would love a shield TV, but will have to wait until they start appearing on ebay or similar (which im not fond of doing….)


Wonder whether it will have a switchable psu so it would be easy to use.

Stanley Smith

i feel sorry for fellow australians for having so much trouble with everything linked to gaming. I’d call it political and economic censorship actually:( Nevertheless shield is awesome, can’t wait for it to be launched.

Chris Croft

Is there any reason why they can’t just release it here? Sounds like they could not be bothered.


Certainly I can’t imagine Nvidia could not find local resellers for Shield products.

Chris Croft

Truly I think these companies don’t see Australia as a big enough market to release there products here.


It’s more likely it’s just not ready yet.