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New Nvidia Shield hardware coming soon as it passes through Bluetooth SIG

We have seen rumours and leaks in the past few months suggesting that a new Nvidia Shield TV might be in the making with some suggesting it might even be a new Shield TV...

NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 gets Marshmallow

NVIDIA has maintained a good track record for getting their current generation of devices onto the latest version of Android in acceptable time frames. Today, that trend continues, with NVIDIA's announcement of Android 6.0...

NVIDIA Shield (Android TV) — Review

On March 3rd 2015 NVIDIA announcedĀ their first entrant into both the living room entertainment and Android TV spaces, the NVIDIA Shield, which isĀ an Android TV powered set to box with a few extras under...

Nvidia announces Android Works to spur Android Development for Shield

Nvidia has been providing developer tools for their Shield line for a long time with Nvidia Gameworks, but they're expanding that support to all Android devices with Android Works. Gameworks has previously been focused on...

500GB NVidia Shield Console is real and launching soon – but still not in...

Nvidia's will-they, won't-they 500GB version of the Nvidia Shield Console is definitely on according to Nvidia themselves. An NVidia customer care rep has apparently been talking about the console in their GeForce forums, making...

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